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Latin American Media Trends Series List Price: $250.00
The Evolution of Television: An Analysis of 10 Years of TGI Latin America (2004-2014)

VOLUME 1 - 2015

ISBN: 978-1517561505 

25% Discount Code: P5ASCB9B


The recent decade has seen an explosive change in media trends around the world and Latin America has been a particular cradle for the growth of television. Fueled by a once in a lifetime economic boom that lifted millions out of poverty in the region, multichannel television has proliferated more than ever. But beyond the basic economics, what were the main drivers for the television boom era? To understand the media trends of the last decade, Kantar IBOPE Media database: TGI is a source of intelligence like no other. It continuously surveys 65,000 people 12-75 years of age yearly in all urban centers in the following countries: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Ecuador and Venezuela. It provides a longitudinal view that begs to be analyzed. Dr. Joseph Straubhaar led a team of researchers from the University of Texas at Austin and Texas State University to take a deep dive of the TGI data to understand the evolution of existing media and therefore uncover trends in the adoption, use and attitudes towards new media platforms, social class and age.

Other Publications List Price: $35.00
PayTVille: PayTVille: The Ups and Downs of a TV Viewer Life in Latin America


ISBN: 978-1500133504

25% Discount Code: 4CAQFGL9


Social class is an important factor in how people consume television. After strong economic growth in Latin America over the last period, a new class of consumers has emerged, joining the media market for the first time and eliciting bewilderment from most researchers in the business and academic worlds alike. Grupo Troiano is a Brazilian-based brand consulting firm which has dedicated years of experience helping various enterprises better understand the Latin American settings. This book is the result of extensive in-person anthropological interviews with hundreds of familias in various South American countries. The conclusions summarized in this easy-to-read illustrated summary paints a new perspective in how the rich and the poor live and consume media in these emergent markets. List Price: $20.00
The Cable Empire Strikes Latin America: How American Pay-TV Conquered the Continent


ISBN: 978-1449961114

25% Discount Code: 4CAQFGL9


In the mid-90s, a host of media companies ventured into Latin America, promoting a boom in the emerging pay-TV industry of the region. Not all companies survived though. What led to this industry expansion and the survivors' secret for success is the topic of this extensive first-hand account by media researcher Luiz G. Duarte, who experienced the ups and downs and lived to tell the story. Beyond an academic review of both the marketing and social sciences theories that could possibly explain the facts, the book also represents a detailed history of this industry trend for anyone interested in doing well in this business. List Price: $15.00
Television Segmentation: How the American Model was Exported to Brazil


ISBN: 978-1500213978

25% Discount Code: 4CAQFGL9


What was the single most important marketing trend in the television business in the last decade of the 20 Century? Most of the dozens of professionals interviewed for this book seem to agree that segmentation was the keyword for any study on the television scenario. The purpose of this study, conducted in the early 1990s and still relevant as a historical document, is to review the development of television segmentation in the United States and its influence in the Brazilian industry, which was one of the last television markets in Latin America to go through a segmentation process.

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